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About us / Development History

       In Nov,2010,LVSUN was awarded as the executive unit of Shenzhen Industries ,And the company general manager  ,Mr Xu Jianhua ,was honored as the executive member of the council.

       In Nov,2010 ,LVSUN’s brand “UDOLI” was registered successfully.

       In Nov,2010,Lvsun was awarded as the executive member of “Shenzhen Hi-tech Industrial Association”

       In Nov,2010,LVSUN was awarded as the executive member of “Guangdong Hi-tech Industrial  chamber”“

       In Oct 2010, LVSUN became the MBA Practice Teaching Base of JINAN UNIVERSITY.

       In Sep 2010, LVSUN brand was accepted by Shenzhen Famous Brand Evaluation Commitee.

       In Aug 2010, LVSUN  was integrated with the battery industry chain and established the Li-ion cell factory.

       In Jul 2010, LVSUN international trademark was registered successfully and mainly committed to create high-end digital brand in global consumption area.

       In Jun 2010,LVSUN was awarded as the Guangdong Province Guard Contract & Heavy Reputation Enterprise.

       Until May 2010, LVSUN acquired many patents. There are one invention patent, 50 items with utility patents, 80 items with appearance design patents,5 items with HK patents, 10 items with Euro appearance design patents and also 5 items of Euro utility patents.

       In Nov 2009, LVSUN  was authorized as the director unit of Shenzhen Hi-Tech Industry Association.

       In Jun 2009, LVSUN became the member of Shenzhen Green Industry Promotion Association, Our main mission is to create and produce green products, make green brand and promote the environmental friendly technology.

       In Jan 2009, UDOLI became the international strategy brand ,which is devoted to the high-end market for digital accessories for better products and service.

       In 2008, LVSUN was authorized as the High-Tech Enterprises and we’re one of the first recognized High-Tech Enterprises in digital accessories industry.

       In 2007, LVSUN designed the first universal adapter in the world which was awarded as “Global Electronic Product Innovation Design”;

       In 2006, LVSUN products had been sold into US, Japan, Germany, France and more than 80 countries all over the world.

       In 2005, LVSUN established KAMERA company in HK and Taiwan for oversea business.

       In 2004, LVSUN became Sharp’s supplier for digital camcorder battery.

       In 2004, LVSUN brand was awarded  the Consumers First Choosing Famous brand in China.

       In 2003, LVSUN brand was awarded the Consumers Trusted Brand in China.

       In 2003, We’ve set up and promoted the LVSUN and KAMERA brand digital accessories.

       In 2002, LVSUN became the first Digital battery and charger factory in China with OEM/ODM service for more than 200 brands.

       In 2001,LVSUN  became the first factory in China to produce compatible battery for Sony.